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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

9.22- Captain's Quarters porch #2

Visitors gab with locals gathered on the porch of the Captain's Quarters Bed & Breakfast around 4:00 this afternoon.
One of Oriental's informal gathering places, the porch of the Captain's Quarters B&B, today saw the B&B guests outnumbered by locals dropping by for conversation and libations.

Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd, particularly on this porch right on the main road through town, Broad Street (Hwy. 55).

From left to right; Patty, Sandy, Robby (all locals), Tom & Linda (visiting from Greenville, SC, home of the "Greenville Daily Photo" blog I visit regularly) and Tory (on last day of extended summer visit from Iowa). Other locals came by, visited and went on their ways during the afternoon, and the porch party was joined by other B&B guests and still going strong at 8:00 pm when I dropped by again.

Yes, I have featured the Captain's Quarters porch before in my posting of August 28 (featuring B&B owner Capt. Roy)... What can I say, it is a popular spot, pure Oriental, and I just didn't feel like hunting for a picture today.

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Denton said...

Tom and Linda, I hope you drop by GreenvilleDailyPhoto and leave a comment. It is fun to see the contacts made in the City Daily Photo community.

Capt. Ben, thanks for your kind words about my PhotoBlog. Your photos make me look forward to vacation. And to give serious consideration to scheduling time in a B&B