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Thursday, September 11, 2008

9.11- Fulcher Seafood docks as seen from OYC

(click on picture for full size image)
Three commercial trawlers docked at Fulcher Seafood Co. docks in Raccoon Creek, as seen from the deck of the Oriental Yacht Club.

"Betty H.," "Capt. Ryan" and "Capt. Jeff" were docked at Fulcher Seafood Co. this afternoon when I dropped by the "Oriental Yacht Club."

I'll have more to say about the OYC in the future... I need to get some more info so I don't end up telling some lies about it.

It is in some pretty old buildings, though, and it has this funky covered deck sticking out into Raccoon Creek right next to the Fulcher Seafood fish-house and docks, also on Raccoon Creek.

You can see the very end of the OYC deck, with it's peaked roof, on the extreme left side of the blog title/banner picture at the top of the page.

This is my fist B&W entry in either of my two blogs. I learned photography as a lad and young man with analog cameras... by the time I was in Junior High School I was doing almost exclusively B&W photos and my own processing and printing, which I continued to do for myself and my JHS and High School yearbooks and newspapers.

I kind of gave up photography at some point in college, no longer having access to good darkroom facilities and having failed to maintain / replace my aging and abused cameras and equipment.

As I re-entered the hobby in the digital age, I adapted to color photography, which was quite expensive back in the analog days, but now is just as inexpensive as B&W... As they say, film sure is cheap nowadays.

Now I have been seeing a lot of great B&W work on "City Daily Photo" blogs, and decided to give digital B&W a try for a while... not exclusively, mind you, but now that I have figured out how to switch the cameras to B&W mode, I expect to be doing a bit more...

Now I just have to figure out how to switch my brain and eyes to B&W mode; I hope it's something like riding a bicycle.

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