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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

9.23- Warp factor five

Workers stretch out "warps" at Garland Fulcher Seafood Co.

These guys are untangling the cables that drag the trawling nets behind shrimp-boats. The cables are called "warps," and the are quite long.

Sometimes I will see workers using forklifts to haul the heavy cables several hundred feet down the streets near the two fish-houses in town because they are too long to stretch out on the property. The man on the left of the picture, with the white galoshes (standard wear for all shrimp-boat and fish-house workers, apparently) is standing across South Water St. from the Fulcher Seafood Co. parking lot

After the warps are stretched out and straightened, they are wound up on reels on the deck of the trawler.

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