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Friday, September 19, 2008

9.19- Rigging the trawl nets

Workers stow and rig trawl nets on shrimp boat docked at Point Pride Seafood
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I am frequently dumbfounded by the apparent complexity of rigging on the commercial trawlers that inhabit the two Raccoon Creek fish-houses.

The outriggers reaching to the sky, the assorted superstructures, attachments and the miles of cables and rigging remind me of the multiple masts, spars and rigging I've seen on various models of old square-rigged ships (and as described in Patrick O'Brian's Aubry-Maturin books.)

The guy up top was stacking the various nets on which he is standing, and passing lines to the guy down on the deck.

I took this picture from the Bauer dinghy while sailing up Raccoon Creek.

1 comment:

Denton said...

Trawlers with their nets extended is a scene to behold ... I failed knots in boy scouts so I doubt if I would do well working on a trawler.