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Thursday, August 28, 2008

8.27- Respite from the Rain

Captain Roy (nearest to the street) holds court on the porch of The Captain's Quarters Bed and Breakfast on a rainy day here in Oriental.

Capt. Roy, owner of The Captain's Quarters B&B hosts some friends for wine, cigars, antipasti and conversation on the porch on Broad St. (Hwy. 55) as afternoon rains pass over Oriental. Today's new edition of the weekly "Pamlico News" newspaper rests on the table.

Broad St. is the main thoroughfare through "downtown" Oriental, so while sitting on this porch (at the intersection of Church St.) one can see everyone in town driving, biking or walking by, and many folks wave to Capt. Roy and anyone who happens to be on the porch.

Even a day of rain and thunder doesn't stop the regular appearance of Capt. Roy and guests on the porch... a great place to get out of the rain and enjoy some excellent company... or on sunny days, to get out of the sun and do the same.



Jim said...

I would love to sit on that porch during rain.

Kim said...

Wow, I can feel the atmosphere through the photo. Late summer's rain and a wonderful porch to enjoy. Reminds me of family times back east spent much the same way. I'm with Jim; I'd like to draw up a chair and listen in on the conversation (although I'll forgo the whiff of cigars ;^) ). Despite the gray day, your colorful shot is inviting and well-composed.
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