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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

9.24- "Slow No Wake"

A driver ignores the "No Wake Zone" sign posted at the Hodges Street causeway as it passes in front of The Bean coffee shop.
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Northeast winds mean rising waters around here... Lunar tides are negligible, but once in a while a sustained nor'easter pushes the Pamlico Sound waters up the Neuse River and its tributaries.

The steady northeast winds of the past two days have brought the waters of Raccoon Creek up about 18 inches over the Hodges St. causeway, prompting someone to post this "Slow No Wake" sign.

(for my non-boating readers: the sign is a gag... "Slow No Wake" or "No Wake Zone" signs are normally found posted on waterways to warn passing boaters that they are approaching a marina or other location where big wakes from fast-moving boats can cause a lot of damage.)

The system causing the northeast winds has been named "L94" by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration... it is a hybrid "subtropical /extratropical" storm that just formed off of the South Carolina coast and is headed this way.

See more of my pictures of today's unusual high wind-tide at The Dinghy Dock.

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See radar images of L94 from NOAA.


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Ming said...

Wow that's crazy. This happens every year?