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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9.10- Reading on Hodges Street

A neighbor and her son enjoyed some time reading today at the artistic bench installed on Hodges Street at South Water, in "Downtown" Oriental.
Today I ran across Janet and Spencer enjoying a cool, if gray, afternoon reading together at the art bench on Hodges Street.

Spencer was looking through a catalog of audio lectures on various academic topics by professors from around the world... seems interested in the Shakespeare course described on the left-hand page.


Rambling Round said...

Y'all believe in early, early literacy up there! Cute photo.

babooshka said...

He just looks so confident. Your'e never to early.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the photo, ben. BTW-in the photo I am reading a book by Dean Ornish, a physician who has done research on and written about reversing heart disease through diet and lifestyle changes. He was a convincing and motivating lecturer when i saw him at a public health conference a few years ago.