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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

9.16- Welding an outrigger

A worker welds a support to the starboard outrigger of the trawler "Betty H."
"Betty H" has been undergoing some repairs for the last week while tied up at the Garland Fulcher Seafood Co. docks on Raccoon Creek.

I have seen this guy doing welding in various spots on the starboard side of the deck on top of the cabin area behind the pilot house... Now I see that he must have been welding the base of the long white (albeit somewhat rusty) pole that extends from the deck to where he is welding it to the black outrigger.

The pole appears to be a supporting bracket that pivots with the outrigger as it is lowered/raised into the horizontal/vertical positions.

I guess these outriggers take a pretty good beating... see another trawler with a damaged outrigger (and a discussion of outriggers, trawlers, troll poles, and trolling) in my July 21 posting, "Amazing Grace..."

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