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Friday, September 19, 2008

9.18- Lonely Little Lost Lure

Fishing lure lies abandoned on picnic table at Oriental's Town Beach
While biking to the Silos for the "Captain's Meeting" (oh, and Thursday special dollar Yuengling beers) I stopped by the Oriental Town Beach on Neuse Drive, and found this fishing lure lying on the picnic table under the gazebo.

From the rust on the hooks, it looks like this fella has been lost for a while...

Maybe it was found in the sand by someone and left on the table for adoption.

I like to call this beach "Minuscule Beach"... I did not come up with that nickname for the place, but wish I had.

I hate to explain a joke, but visitors to Oriental Daily Photo who don't have Local Knowledge just won't get this one without background:

You see, there is a town about 12 miles away on the Neuse River called "Minnesott Beach" (where there is a ferry across the Neuse River)... With that in mind, understand also that the Oriental Town Beach is not exactly expansive... It is perhaps 100 feet wide, situated between two house lots.

Hence the joke... "Minuscule Beach"... get it? I know, it isn't funny when you have to explain it.


1 comment:

Tash said...

This is very cute - most adorable lost lure. I like the joke too.