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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

9.01- Labor Day Sailing on the Neuse

From 090108
Capt. Ben helms Captain Robby's Catalina 25' on a beam reach in nice 12 knots + of easterly wind on the Neuse River near the Oriental channel.

Capt. Robby is taking the picture from just aft of the mast. With inflatable PFD on and fully strapped, Deck Hand Blake, a boating novice friend visiting Capt. Robby from the piedmont area of NC, takes in the view and tries to adjust to the movement of the boat as she heels over, pushing just under 6 knots.
[9.05 Addendum: Capt. Dave saw this picture and suggested I had been letting her heel too much, and I shoulda maybe thought about sheeting out a bit... I'll try that next time and see if I get more over-the-ground speed with less heel.]
Great day for sailing... clear skies, good wind, about 82 degrees F. Easterly winds made it possible to sail back up Green's Creek to the dock, and to sail into the slip for a (near) perfect landing.


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