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Saturday, October 24, 2009

10.24- Pig-pickin' and Hot Buttered Grits

Tennessee Ronnie choppin' up the pig
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Traditional eastern NC style Barbecue is often served up here in Oriental by Tennessee Ronnie... Tonight the occasion was a fundraiser for "Girls on the Run" held at the Oriental Marina & Inn.

"Hot Buttered Grits" performed excellent "experimental/funk/bluegrass" grooves on the Tiki-Bar deck while hundreds lined up for their chopped pork butt smothered with a spicy vinegary dressing under the tent nearby:

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I have featured "Hot Buttered Grits" before in my posting of Dec. 6 2008, when the weather was a bit cooler... You can see and hear more about Hot Buttered Grits and their "Cosmic Acoustic Soul & Funktional Trance-Missions" on their MySpace page.

... I have to repeat my comment then about how nice it is to hear a band that does not perform all of the classic rocks songs from the 60's-90's that is the usual fare... And this is indeed the only band I have ever heard play at the Tiki-Bar that does not do a version of "Sweet Home Alabama."

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Bart said...

Thank you again Capt. Ben for the kind words. The Grits will be playing the Christmas Tree Benefit again this year at the Marina Tiki Bar. Come out and buy a tree and support a great cause.