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Saturday, December 6, 2008

12.06- Village music (Skywatch Friday is prior post, below)

A band plays in Oriental's old village, next to the Fulcher Seafood Market store on the corner of Hodges Street and South Water Street

I wish I knew the name of this band... I think it was "Hot Buttered" something or other...

They were a vast improvement over the usual "wedding bands" that play around here (you know... everyone's favorite 50's, 60's, etc. pop tunes, from "Ride Sally Ride" to "Sweet Home Alabama")

I guess these guys might be called a "jam-band," whatever that means. The songs, instruments, lyrics and arrangements were far from the usual rock'n'roll standards bands that play the wedding receptions and Tiki Bar throughout the spring and summer.

This is the first live outdoor music since the contentious "noise ordinance" Town Board meeting of earlier in the week (See post of Dec. 2, below)

No word yet on any complaints. I sure had none for this band.

[12/09 Update: today's Pamlico News weekly newspaper reports complaints were made... the paper reports three different complaints, but doesn't make clear whether they all came from the same source or from different homes]

In any case, no rioting in the streets... just good music, a warm fire, and dozens of Christmas trees on the corner lot.

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Snapper said...

I don't envy these guys playing an outdoor gig in December. Cold fingers!