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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10.7- Airborne Aviator

Burglarized Lincoln Aviator being lifted onto a tow truck
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Just yesterday I e-mailed a couple or potential Oriental imigrees about how safe our town is, and how people leave their cars running while they duck into the store...

Then the town awoke this morning to find a wheel-less Lincoln Aviator resting on cement blocks outside my local tavern, right at the main intersection in the town.

Last night a young marine (at right, behind vehicle in below photo) had left the vehicle there after having too much to drink for driving... He decided to stay with a local friend (center, wearing desert BDUs in below photo) for the night instead of driving back to Camp LeJeune.

An admirable and intelligent move, no doubt, but it turned out a bit rough for the vehicle, which was stripped of its custom wheels, CD player and TV screens in the wee hours this morning.

Oriental residents have long debated the merits of having a municipal police force (the only one in the county,) and whether one or two or more police are appropriate for the town of about 900 souls.

Some say the town should simply rely on the Pamlico County Sheriff's department, as it did until some years ago... some say one officer should be enough, as it purportedly was with one fondly-remembered former Chief... and some say we need at least two police (so that at least one is on duty most of the time,) as was more recently the case until half of the department resigned a few months ago.

This vehicle burglary, which was seen by the many Oriental residents who drive past this spot several times a day, has already prompted some renewed discussion of the matter.

The Pamlico Co. Sheriff's Dept. was first on the scene (photo above left), dusting for fingerprints and talking with the owner at about 10:00 am.

The Sheriff's Dept. had long finished its investigation and left, and the owner was awaiting a tow truck when the entire (one-man) Oriental police department showed up on the scene at about 12:40 pm... Seemingly without having been contacted by the Sheriff's Dept. about the incident.

The thieves did leave one wheel behind... the non-custom spare mounted underneath the Aviator (click on image to enlarge)

[addendum: Still and all, this type of incident is extremely unusual here... On the day after these photos, one of the county's newspapers ran a front-page, above-the-fold story and photo on the burglary, which would never have even merited a mention by papers in other places I have lived.]

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Frank said...

This post is amazing. I would never, never, imagined that an auto would be stripped like this in your town. The marine must have been heart-sick and ready to use his very fine range training on the thief. Wow, I was going to comment on the ferro-boat when I saw this. Yes, they do float. A good size cement boat sat in our river for several years as a restaurant on the waterfront. Quite substantial and sea-worthy.