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Monday, January 12, 2009

1.12- Confederate States Ship "Neuse" (ironclad)

The salvaged remains of the "C.S.S. Neuse," a Confederate Navy ironclad "ram," on display in Kinston, NC
(Click on image or here for full size)

Today I visited both the original (remains) and a modern full-size (158 foot) replica of the "C.S.S. Neuse," one of the Confederate Navy's ironclad "ram" vessels developed and built during the War Between the States (that's the "Civil War" to all you Yankees).

According to the dosant at the original "Neuse" museum and display, she is the only Confederate-flagged navy vessel above water... Apparently the "C.S.S. Neuse," for reasons over my head, is still considered a flagged vessel of the Confederate Navy, having something to do with the fact that the Yanks never claimed her.

Anyway, she has a fascinating story, and is certainly an important piece of naval architectural and technological history.

You can read more about her at the following sites, so I am not going to repeat the work of others on this posting:

Original "C.S.S. Neuse":

C.S.S. Neuse Gunboat Association
Wikipedia articles on the "C.S.S. Neuse" and the history of naval ironclads in general

The Replica "C.S.S. Neuse II":
C.S.S. Neuse Foundation
Naval Training Ship C.S.S. Neuse

I will have additional pictures of both the original and replica vessels on The Dinghy Dock tomorrow, but below is an over-all view of the replica... one of the guys walking around the replica (showing it to a couple of his buddies) told me he worked on mounting the smokestack:


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JM said...

I really like to see the remains displayed like that.