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Saturday, January 3, 2009

01.03- The "Oxford Tavern," D.C.

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A patron (on right) flirts with wait-staff in front of the "Zoo Bar Cafe," formerly the "Oxford Tavern" on Connecticut Avenue, D.C.

While delivering my brother Fred back to D.C. after his visit to Oriental, we went to see this band (seen through the window) at the "Zoo Bar Cafe."

When I used to go to this place with my High School friends (the drinking age for beer and wine, and for going to bars, was 18 back then), it was formally named "The Oxford Tavern."

It was, however, universally referred to as "The Zoo Bar" due to the fact that it is directly across Connecticut Avenue from the entrance to the National Zoo. The menus and a sign over the entrance were all there was that indicated it was in fact The Oxford Tavern.

Some years after I left D.C. the place was formally re-named to what everyone called it anyway, "The Zoo Bar."

The band was great, and it was fun being back in the old stompin' grounds.


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