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Saturday, August 9, 2008

8.8- Crabbing in Dawson's Creek at dusk

These three were crabbing underneath the bridge over the mouth of nearby Dawson's Creek (where the creek enters the Neuse River), using chicken legs tied to strings.

The bridge is on the road between Oriental and Minnesott Beach, which is where one catches the ferry across the Neuse to get to Beaufort, Havelock (home of Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station), Morehead City and anywhere else on the southeast side of the river.

Crabbing, shrimping and fishing are really heating up around the area the last month. Creeks and river are teeming with catches.

For my readers from outside of Pamlico County: Yes, this is the "Dawson's Creek" that gave name to the TV show... The show's creator, author and screenwriter Kevin Williamson ("Scream," "I Know What You Did Last Summer"), grew up right here in Oriental, NC.

Though the "Dawson's Creek" TV show takes place somewhere on the New England coast, Williamson based the stories on his experiences in and around Oriental as a youth.

Coming full circle, while the TV show is supposed to take place in New England, it was mostly filmed in in Wilmington and Durham, North Carolina.


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