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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

8.26- Mink on the breakwater

A mink (neovison vison) runs across the breakwater rip-rap.

This is one of the two young minks who regularly hunt for crabs and other meals in the breakwater along the South Avenue waterfront (next to Lou-Mac Park) here in Oriental.

The minks patrol this breakwater several times a day... they usually crawl under the rocks as much as possible, but occasionally must break out into the open to get where they need to go. When they know someone is watching, they won't sit still in the open, but will zip from one hidey-hole at full speed.

I know I have featured the "Lou-Mac Minks" before (see post of 7.16.08), but they are just too darn cute. I can't swear I won't feature them again in the future.


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Rambling Round said...

What a great photo catch!

Kris said...

I had no idea that these guys lived there! You’ve done well to get the shot. I don’t know if there will be enough for a coat though… ;)

Capt. Ben said...

I had no idea these guys lived here, either, until last summer when I saw one (the Momma) scamper by as I was reading on the rocks.

Several folks who happened to be nearby told me it was a "River Otter," but when I googled Otters I found no such variety, and decided it was no Otter at all.

Then I thought it was a weasel or a muskrat or something, until I finally caught a photo and was able to compare it with online pictures. The white patch under the chin (visible in one of the several pictures on my 7.16 post on "The Dinghy Dock" http://dinghydock.blogspot.com/2008/07/716-neovison-vison-american-mink.html ) confirmed that I had a mink.

Now whenever I see folks along the breakwater with dropped jaws or grins pointing into the rocks, I am able to tell them they are looking at a mink.

Most do not believe me, even a number of locals (it is usually tourists).

I guess folks believe (as I once did) that minks only live in Siberia or some such places. Nope. Right here in NC, and much of North America.

And yep, it takes a bunch to make a coat! This young guy (or gal) is maybe 18 inches long, including tail.