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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

8.11- Raccoon Creek Shrimp

These kids spent all afternoon fishing from the Dinghy Dock on Oriental Harbor (Raccoon Creek) with their dad.

The kids were happy to show me some of the (still alive) shrimp they had caught in their casting net... I was told that these are "white-tail" shrimp.

Mostly they were catching menhaden minnows with the net, and using them to bait their crab pot as well as their rods.

The youngest pointed out a box of cinnamon donut-holes they had with them, and explained that she had tried to use them as bait, but they tended to fall off the hooks.

I asked what kind of fish could be caught with the donut-holes... "Any fish that likes cinnamon" she explained. Boy, did I feel stupid...


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