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Thursday, August 21, 2008

8.21- "Nana" the "Nantascot" figurehead

"Nantascot," a steel-hulled, cutter-rigged sailboat, pulled into the Town Dock today.

She is the only boat I have ever seen in Oriental with an actual figurehead. The carved figurehead is named "Nana."

I found a website for the boat, but it appears the Captain set up the site and has not done much with it, though it does have a number of photos and a lot of information about the vessel... See the "Sailboat Nantascot" site here.

According to the website:
"Nantascot is a 28’9” Bruce Roberts ["Spray" model] steel hull cutter.

"Originally launched in 1992, but never sailed by her first owner [who built her in his garden]... The vessel was redesigned and rebuilt complexly by her new owners... During the five and a half year process approximately 2 tons of steel, fittings and equipment were added. The most obvious design changes were the addition of a pilot house and an aft extension."

The Captain's web site gives a detailed (with several drawings/plans) account of how he re-built the steering system with old bicycle parts he found at the dump... he purposely used parts that would be easy to replace anywhere in the world without having to special-order and wait forever.

Also, the Captain built an "unsinkable survival raft" that sits on the forward deck and required a new foresail design to keep the sail from catching on the raft. The blue hull and yellow side of the raft is visible in this picture, though the raft was covered in what looked like a floral-print curtain.

If you would like to build your own Bruce Roberts-designed sailboat (or power boat for that matter), whether wood, glass or steel, visit the Official Bruce Roberts site and order your plans today!


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