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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12.1- Homemade Stealth

Cap'n John and crew take his home-built "Stealth" for a sunset run
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Today I found Capt. John and crew putting-in his fast and sleek home-built water rocket at the Wildlife Ramp on Midyette St. in Oriental just as the sun set.

John has spent the last six months building the un-named vessel... He told me the NC Wildlife Dept. (in charge of registering boats and classifying home-made vessels in the process) has deemed it a "2009 Stealth."

She is a mere 16 feet long, and John reports he has had her up to 95 m.p.h. so far... but the boat IS still under construction, as evidenced by her primer colored hull, so he may yet be able to get her up to a respectable velocity.

I figured I could google the boat design and find more about it... I found a speedboat manufacturer named "Stealth," but their models do not resemble this one...

I'm hoping John will see my post and drop me an e-mail so I can get a bit more info.

You can see some additional pictures of John's 16 foot Stealth speed boat here at my Oriental Daily Photo-EXTRA blogsite.

One more shot for the ODP... the Stealth doing something better than half of her top speed leaving Smith's Creek's green Marker No.3 just of her starboard beam:

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