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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12.23- Supermercado Jalicience

Alliance, NC, on Highway 55

Today I went to Supermercado Jalicience in nearby Alliance to get some supplies to make tamales for the winter solstice holiday season.

The store, run by a family that immigrated from the Mexican state of Jalisco (Pacific coast, central MX, capital is Guadalajara), is the nearest tienda to Oriental, and the only tienda in Pamlico County, so far as I know.

I just cannot have X-mas / New Years without tamales, having lived in south Texas for twenty years. Unlike San Antonio, TX, there are no tamale manufacturers around Oriental, so I have had to start making them myself.

Supermercado Jalicience is well-stocked with foods and ingredients necessary for a variety of Mexican cooking styles, not just Jalisco... which is good because I like the "norteƱo" Mexican cooking prevalent in the Rio Grande region, up to and including San Antonio.

The store also recently added a coin-op pool table, and have plans to add a second due to popular demand... The only other pool table in the county is at a private Bingo Hall, ever since the new owners of the Silo's (formerly Hard Tail Saloon) removed theirs a couple of years ago.

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