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Saturday, December 26, 2009

12.26 - ODP begins "Classics & Out-takes" series

(not my pic, NOT near Oriental)
Yours truly is headed inland for a while... Maybe just for a couple weeks, but maybe a bit more than that. Hard to tell.

In the mean-time, ODP will be featuring some "Classics & Out-takes."

Some of the upcoming pictures were taken before ODP went on-line... Some were taken since then, but didn't make the ODP cut for various reasons.

Many of them I only have approximate dates for, since I took them and downloaded them before ODP, when I was much more careless about keeping pics organized by dated folders.

Also, many were taken with a Kodak digi-cam that reset its date recorder to 1/1/2006 every time the battery was removed for recharging. I guess that is when the digi-chip inside was born, and the geniuses at Kodak failed to put in something that would keep track of the current date while the battery was out of the camera.

Whatever the cause, I religiously failed to re-set the date when inserting fresh batteries, so I will have several postings with pics from very vague and quite-possibly-inaccurate dates.

I hope you all will enjoy these pictures, even though they won't be Fresh Daily snaps.

And I will try to bring some current pictures from generous contributors...

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