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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12.29- Woody and Bernie Ride Around Oriental

Oriental Daily Photo - Classics & Out-takes Series
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Acclaimed author and adventurer Bernie Harberts riding up South Ave.

Bernie comes through Oriental every year or so, usually with at least one equine companion...

Here he is in December of 2007, when he was in town visiting, selling books, and preparing for his "Lost Sea Expedition" (since completed), traveling from Canada to MX in a home-made mule-drawn wagon that included many parts and design-elements borrowed from vessels that travel existing seas.

In addition to the "Lost Sea Expedition," Bernie has circumnavigated in a 34' steel-hulled sailboat (1998-2003) and walked across the U.S., from North Carolina to California with a mule and a pony, a journey on which he based his GREAT children's book, "Woody and Maggie Walk Across America."

The book is fancifully illustrated, and includes actual and imagined stories about the states he traversed...

He discusses the giant "fish bird" of the NC coast, a bird so large it cannot fly, but can carry two men on its back, which it does daily so that the men can pull trapped fish from the bird's giant wing feathers and feed the bird.

The book is full of charming humor, as illustrated in this small excerpt describing NC commercial fishermen:

Please take a few minutes to learn much more about Bernie, Woody, Maggie and their adventures (and Books!) at:


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Rambling Round said...

Great shot and what an interesting character he must be.