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Saturday, October 11, 2008

10.11- Bay River fish-house

Shrimp boats rafting at Gaskill Seafood Co. docks in Bayboro.

Today I walked in the rain around the Gaskill Seafood Co. on the Bay River in Bayboro (county seat of Pamlico County).

Gaskill Seafood is a twelve mile trip up the Bay River from its' mouth on the Neuse River...

The Bay River is only a tad over 100 feet across where these 70 foot long trawlers are rafting.

Makes me wonder just how they turn around.

There were six trawlers in tied up at Gaskill today.

You can zoom in on the Gaskill Seafood Co. and explore the Bay River on the embedded Google Maps below, or Click here for full size Google Map ZOOMED IN ON GASKILL SEAFOOD:

Embedded with Map Channels.


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