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Friday, October 10, 2008

10.10- Rumors of Mimosa's hibernation are greatly exagerated (Skywatch Friday is prior posting, below)

A Mimosa tree near the Dinghy Dock is sprouting new leaves while seed pods from its' last cycle still hang from its' branches... Three "snow-bird" cruising sailboats lie at anchor in Oriental Harbor in the background.

My favorite reading tree, a Mimosa next to the Dinghy Dock on Oriental Harbor, is sprouting new leaves just about one month after it dropped its' last batch on going to seed. (See picture of same tree gone to seed in my posting of September 9)

I was afraid the tree had shut down for the winter... According to Wikipedia:

"In the Northern Hemisphere (the mimosa tree ) blossoms and produces fruit from November to June or July...In the Southern Hemisphere it blooms primarily from September to January."

Looks like this tree isn't sure which hemisphere it is in, so it is blooming twice just in case.

I'm glad of it, and look forward to the branches being full of leaves again... bare branches offer little shade, and shade makes for a better reading spot.

See more of my pictures of this same tree as it has gone through its' cycle this year:



reluctantfarmchik said...

This is really cool. Nature can be as confused as we are, huh? Nicely captured, and a keeper of a shot, for sure. Maybe you should add an addendum to the Wikipedia entry and submit this photo.

JM said...

Very nice photo! I really like it!

Barbara said...

I too like your shot. Has a haunting peaceful feeling...