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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10.1- Breakwater perch

A Brown Pelican surveys the Neuse River from its' perch at the end of the Oriental Harbor breakwater

I photographed this brown pelican (one of my favorite subjects) from about twenty feet away as I was sailing around the breakwater in the Bauer dinghy.

Usually birds perching on the breakwater fly away as I sail closer, but this one stayed put, keeping one eye on me and the other on the river.



henry said...

Captain Ben..... Why are the harbor entrance markers reversed. RED left return???? Is it considered part of the ICW scheme?



Capt. Ben said...

Not sure where you got the idea they are reversed - coming in to Oriental Harbor from the Neuse river / ICW, you will leave the red markers to starboard... and green markers to starboard on the way out - the usual set-up.