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Friday, November 27, 2009

11.27- "Melodeon"... and thinkin' of Joe

Melodeon, home port Halifax, spreads her wings while tied up to town dock in Oriental
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Melodeon, a steel-hulled junk-rigged three-master, was largely built by her owners... something like thirty years of welding.

The distinctive sails are constructed from awning material the owners got from a friend in that business.

As I was shooting, I noticed Melinda, from TownDock.Net aboard, taking notes and pictures... (seen at right leaning on the railing for a shot as TownDock.Net staffers loiter on the dock)

That means Melodeon is sure to be featured in TownDock.Net's "Shipping News" column, so check back here and I'll have the link as soon as they publish. I look forward to the story.

Melodeon has started a travel blog here, though there are only three entries at this point... check back for updates of her voyage.

Below you can see the ship's dog, Ginger Bear, hamming it up to the many visitors who have come by town dock to check out yet another of Oriental's interesting itinerant vessels:

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ODP wants to give a big shout-out to Capt. Joe, laid up in the hospital after a scary A&E down to the Bight at Cape Lookout...

Get Better, Joe!!!!
we're all pullin' for ya

(and for you, too, Shari... Capt. Ralph has proposed, and all agree, that you are henceforth to be known as "Salty."


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