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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11.11- Lost Maple

Norwegian Maple tree on Kershaw Road
As I rounded a familiar bend on Kershaw Rd., I was awed at the sight of this vibrant maple among the drab pines dominating the roadside.

The lone explosion of fall color along the drab pine roadside reminded me of "Lost Maples," a small state park in the Texas Hill Country, the only place I saw real-no-kidding fall foliage in TX during my 20 years there...

Even on this gloomy day, this maple actually glowed... I continued driving past, thinking "I should come by tomorrow and take a picture."

Then I thought about how we might see 30+ mph winds tonight as the remnants of former-hurricane Ida pass over... I stopped, u-turned and snapped some shots.

One of the homeowners came out as I was snapping... she said the tree hadn't been in full glory this year because we haven't had a frost yet.

The leaves on the ground, she assured me, have all fallen since yesterday... all will have fallen tonight or tomorrow night.

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