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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11.18- Frequent Stop

Cable trucks at South Ave. / Lou-Mac Park waterfront.
The noon hour usually brings at least a couple of out-of-town work trucks to the parking spots on South Avenue facing the river Neuse.

This being a rather small town, many contractors, utility workers, cable installers, etc. come from a ways away to service local homes and businesses... those crews who are frugal or enjoy a lunchtime view find this a nice spot for brown-bagging.

Many locals and aliens alike come by and park along here facing the river throughout each day... some stop for five minutes, some for hours...

It is a soothing place... the ever-changing light on the river, the open skies, the variety of human and animal activity playing out upon the three-mile-wide expanse of river.

Some folks get out and walk around the South Ave. breakwater and the diminutive but comfortable and scenic Lou-Mac Park and fishing pier... but many more simply sit in their vehicles chatting, daydreaming, listening to the radio, or putting their seats back for a siestita.

I often am parked here, watching the river, birds, boats, barges, USMC aircraft, fishers, fish, dolphins, and even a mink or two, while I am at least pretending to read a newspaper or my latest book.

On rainy days like today, of course, most folks are satisfied with the view from behind the windshield.

Today I cruised by to watch the incoming rain as it moved up the Neuse towards Oriental.

You can't really see much of the river in today's photo, but to the left of the trucks you can see one sailboat heading into Whittaker Creek, and one Pelican looking for its own noon-time meal. (click image to enlarge)

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