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Saturday, September 19, 2009

9.19- Oriental Cup Regatta

"Sun Catcher" tacks around the marker in today's Oriental Cup Regatta
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The annual "Oriental Cup" Regatta was held today on the River Neuse just off of Oriental harbor.

Unfortunately I was not crewing in the race today... but luckily I landed a spot on one of the "chase boats" so I was able to get some pics of the action from up close.

I'll have a ton more pictures processed soon, but in the meanwhile, here are a few more from today's regatta...

This O'Day 405's lay-line came up a tad short, prompting a last-second tack at the finish line:

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Here is a rare sight indeed... "Il Gatto"'s transom! ... Like the shirt, Cap'n!

"Valkyrie" racing in the Non-Spinnaker A Class race:

"Out of the Blue" maneuvers near the buoy for her start:

Two salty sailors from land-locked nations... Wisconsin and Bavaria:

I'll post more pictures from the regatta, along with results, when they're ready...



Anonymous said...

If you ever sail Lake Michigan, you'll find that Wisconsin is far from "landlocked"

Capt. Ben said...

Re: Lake Michigan - ... And of course Bavaria has an international border lake too, which they grandly name the "Bodensee"

... but even if called a "sea," a lake is still, after all, only a lake.

But even landlocked places can produce some serious sailors... of that I have no doubt!

Frank said...

Great shots of the regatta. What camera do you shoot with?