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Saturday, September 12, 2009

9.12- Bauer Classic 10'

This Bauer Classic 10' shows a bow wave, but not threat of violating the
"Slow No Wake" zone near the Wildlife Ramp

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I went by the Wildlife Ramp (public boat ramp) on Midyette St. in Oriental today, and was immediately attracted to this fine sailing dinghy being rigged while on its trailer before being launched into Smith's Creek.

I met Capt. Jack Russel ("like the dog," he explained) who confirmed my suspicion that the vessel was a Bauer (but I incorrectly thought it was a 12'), a boat in which I may often be seen sailing around Oriental waterways (see my profile picture, above left)... though I use a home-made, wooden-sparred sprit-rig, while Capt. Jack's boat came with the Bauer-manufactured aluminum "sliding gunter rig"

Capt. Jack, who lives in SC, had just purchased the boat, and was taking it out for a shake-down run.

As I have often experienced, this sharp sailing tender usually draws a crowd, and I was soon joined by recent Oriental immigrees Larry and Dawn (at right) in admiring her.

This Bauer sported glimmering bright-work on her teak transom, reinforced gunwales, thwarts, burden boards, rudder cheeks and teak/ash tiller.

At left Capt. Jack is assisted by his first mate (and sister) at the painter during the launch.

Once Capt. Jack was underway, raised his sails, and lowered his centerboard (which I suspect he may not have done as promptly as he might have wished), the boat and crew headed upwind, under the bridge, through the harbor and out onto the busy weekend traffic on the River Neuse:


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