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Thursday, September 17, 2009

9.17- OYC bulkhead repair

Bulkhead repair operations at the Oriental Yacht Club
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Capt. D and his crew are repairing an old bulkhead and walkway at the Oriental Yacht Club this week. In today's photo we see "Belle," the brown retriever of some sort or sorts, doing her part by carrying some of the debris away.

Capt. Hodges and First Mate "Fuzzy" are living aboard "Jenny," the 30-odd foot "Core-Sound" style shrimp boat (background, in today's photo) tied up on Raccoon Creek at the OYC during the job.

Capt. Hodges and crew are taking advantage of the break between brown shrimp season (waning) and white shrimp season (approaching) to do some marine construction jobs.


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