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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6.10- Washing the fish guts

Town workers pressure wash the Lou-Mac Park Fishing Pier in Oriental

The fishing pier at Lou-Mac park is a terrific Oriental asset, but it does require maintenance.

Fishers use the railings as a butcher block to chop all manner of live and dead fish, crustaceans and other critters into assorted pieces... The bait gets chopped and put on hooks, then the incoming fish get chopped for more bait. The "keepers" usually are taken away live in buckets or coolers of water, but some are also field cleaned on the pier's railings.

And so the railings get this treatment every so often.

In the background of today's picture you can see one of the Oriental School of Sailing vessels tacking up towards Oriental channel Marker No. 1 about to be waked by a sports-fisher powering out of Oriental Harbor.

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