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Thursday, April 16, 2009

4.16- Skywatch Friday - April showers on the way

Looks like some weather is moving in
(Click image to enlarge)

Today's Skywatch Friday picture comes from this past Monday April 13th. Rain, thunderstorms, rain and more storms was was forecast for Tuesday into Wednesday (correctly as it turned out: see the rainy skies in my Tuesday posting, below), but Monday was a fresh spring day.

The cumulus clouds came in from the west like a vast army during the day Monday...

The rain and thunder sure did come all day Tuesday and into Wednesday morning, and now we can look forward to explosive growth in local gardens and farm fields...

We can also expect less pleasant explosive growth in the many patches of standing water left throughout the area as warmer sunny days approach - Yes, the mosquito larvae are sure to be active in the wake of the rains, and folks around here will not be surprised if the Culicidae make their '09 mass debut this weekend.

(I have noticed a few skeeters around here and there already, but I haven't needed to purchase any DEET yet, so they have not really officially arrived)

Well, and so it goes... April showers bring May flowers and Summer bugs. At least the dreaded flying bloodsuckers are a harbinger of "The Season" around here, and will be closely followed by swarms (we hope) of Aliens...

Indeed, even on Monday, I spotted a couple of land-borne Aliens on the Dinghy Dock snapping photos of the Point Pride Seafood Co. trawlers docked on the other side of Raccoon Creek... we have also been seeing increasing numbers of water-borne Aliens at Town Dock, the local marinas and at anchor in Oriental Harbor - as seen in background, below :
(click image to enlarge)


I look forward to seeing the other Skywatch pictures from around the world on the other SWF sites listed at:



ms426d said...

Beautiful stormy skies. I love thunderstorms & am looking foreward to North Carolina storms at Ocean Isle Beach in early summer!

Martha said...

A very dramatic sky.

Babooshka said...

Those are more dramatic than my April showers this month. Fabulous.

Louise said...

I like that sky. It definitely looks like rain, and I can almost feel the humidity, which is good at this time of year.

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Dramatic clouds Captain Ben. They've been great this year in NC, haven't they?

We plan to visit all the NC Skywatch Friday posts for the week (# 2, 73, 143, 247). If you find more, let us know

Arija said...

Great buildup of clouds. Nice shot.