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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4.07- Camps

Camps sign on NC Hwy. 55 at Bridgeton

There are a bunch of camps right near Oriental, Arapahoe and Dawson's Creek, as this sign outside of New Bern indicates.

The camps won't be really up and running until Summer, but some of them are apparently having spring break sessions... Several friends who work in Oriental's hotel & restaurant sector tell me that last weekend was a "camp weekend," meaning parents bringing their kids to town and dropping them off for camp.

During the summer, there are regular "camp weekends" at the beginning and end of the multiple "semesters."

Camps Seagull (boys) and Seafarer (girls) are sort of the premiere camps... I have heard tales of kids being flown in and out by helicopter, though most kids are from mini-van families and many are from pick-up truck families.

Lots of the kids come from other parts of the state (Raleigh, Charlotte, etc.) and from up and down the eastern seaboard, though I have met plenty of locals who have fond memories of summers at the various camps.

Sailing and other water activities are de rigeur at the local camps... several are on the River Neuse , and all are near the river and creeks.

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