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Monday, February 23, 2009

2.23- "The Broad Street Grill" on tap...

Draught beer taps awaiting the imminent opening of the Broad Street Grill in Oriental

"Scoot's," a long-time staple of Oriental dining, has closed... Proprietor and Chef Eric Stickrath has expanded, redecorated, re-branded, and re-purposed the eatery, which will soon open as the "Broad Street Grill."

Pabst Blue Ribbon is only one of the new consumables Oriental will be able to enjoy at the BSG...

Eric has largely scrapped the old Scoot's sandwich and pizza joint concept, and describes the new BSG concept as "creative regional cuisine in a casual atmoshphere."

Personally, as a moderate "foodie" and experienced Europe-traveler, I would replace that seven-word description with a single word: "Bistro"... like the casual on-every-corner family-oriented and affordable restaurants Parisians refer to as bistros... But nobody asked me.

But don't worry! Pizza will still be on the menu. New offerings will include fresh local Eastern NC flounder, scallops and other catches (from local commercial fisherman Keith Bruno) and seasonal organic vegetables from village farmer Sandy Beal, as well as steaks and as-of-yet-undisclosed new creations by Chef Eric...

Rumor has it Ms. Beal will have a menu item named after her, too.

Be sure to keep an eye out for my coverage of the actual opening... It is something of an Oriental tradition to always say "two weeks" if asked when a project is going to be completed, but Eric is confident this one will be done in half that time.

See more photos of the finishing touches being added to the newly decorated interior at my other blog, The Dinghy Dock.


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