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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2.10- The "Collard Shack"

Proprietor Cathy Jones, in front of the "Collard Shack" in Otway, NC
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Today I dropped by the "Collard Shack," a colorful little... well, a shack that sells collards, among other things.

The little shack with its eye-catching sign is an irresistible must-stop on NC Hwy. 70 in Otway, NC (between Beaufort and Harkers Island.)

The Collard Shack sign... call (252) 241-9751 for more info
Despite the name, this little place offers much more than just collards... Though of course fresh collards are readily available...

Local honey, peanuts, pecans, assorted preserves (strawberry, figs, sorghum, apple butter etc), rutabagas and potatoes are available... as well as those must-haves, pickled pigs feet and pickled pork brains.

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