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Saturday, December 20, 2008

12.20- "Sugar's" - (Skywatch Friday is prior post, below)


Today I went to Havelock to run some errands, and snapped this from the car.

This is, one must suppose, a bar.

I'm always curious about bars with no windows (adds some suspense for first-time patrons opening the door)... but I have yet to visit this one, so I can't tell you much.

"Sugar's" is located across the road from the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station at Cherry Point, which helps explain the bulldog with a helmet. Military bases always have windowless bars across the street in my experience.

From Oriental it is a twelve mile drive and a ferry ride away. I have previously featured the Cherry Point - Minnesott Beach ferry in my post of 11.17.08.



Anonymous said...

It's a strip club.

Capt. Ben said...

Now that is a surprise.