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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

7.22- "Play'n Hookey"

Saw these guys (father and son from the looks of it) shrimping in Oriental harbor and the mouth of Smith's Creek from their vessel "Play'n Hookey."

I took this pictures from atop the NC Hwy. 55 bridge over Smith's Creek.

During July evenings, there are often six to a dozen or so small boats like "Play'n Hookey" shrimping in the creek mouth.

Those big commercial trawlers in the background (tied up at "Point Pride Seafood" on Chadwick Point) shrimp out in the Neuse River, Pamlico Sound and other shrimping grounds from FL to ME, depending on where the catches are. Last year and this year there has been plenty of shrimp in the Pamlico Sound and its watershed to keep the Oriental fleet here, and to attract visiting commercial trawlers from up and down the east coast.


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